ReFreedom_Aichi is an artist-led initiative to restore the curatorial autonomy of Aichi Triennale 2019 following the closure of one of the Triennale’s sections, “After ‘Freedom of Expression?’”, just three days after the opening, and the subsequent decision by participating artists to temporarily withdraw or alter their works in protest. Through organizing boycotts, altering works, holding workshops, establishing independent spaces for discussion, and other actions, ReFreedom_Aichi facilitated the reopening on October 8 of all closed sections of the Triennale and the complete recovery of freedom of expression and the public’s right to knowledge at the event, which ended October 14. We would like to express our gratitude to all who worked toward the reopening of the exhibits and also supported us. We are continuing our campaigns to promote the Artists and Cultural Workers’ Statement on Gender Equality and protest the decision by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to withhold its funding for the Aichi Triennale 2019.


This website is a platform for sharing ReFreedom_Aichi’s activities, posting updates about the developing situation, archiving coverage of the incident in the Japanese and international media, and providing background context on issues related to the incident including censorship in Japan and the former Japanese military’s “comfort woman” system of forced prostitution, sexual slavery, and human trafficking. ReFreedom_Aichi extends beyond the Aichi Triennale to everyone involved in the arts and all members of the public who wish to stand up for freedom of expression. We believe that all of us have a responsibility to both past and future generations to uphold y/our freedom.