01/08/2019 Opening Day of Aichi Triennale 2019 for Public  

  • 《平和の少女像》の展示について、松井一郎大阪市長が「にわかに信じがたい!河村市長に確かめてみよう。」とツイート

  • 河村たかし名古屋市長が、取材に対し「表現の不自由展・その後」の視察する考えを示す。

  • 「表現の不自由展・その後」専用ウェブサイト公開(https://censorship.social/



  • The Osaka city mayor Matsui posted on his Twitter "I cannot believe that "Statue of Peace" is there. I'll ask to Mr. Kawamura if it is true."

  • Kawamura indicated the plan to visit Aichi Triennale 2019 to check the exhibition "After Freedom of Expression?"  on the interview.

  • The website of "After Freedom of Expression" has been opened by the executive committee of "After Freedom of Expression".  (https://censorship.social/)

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